New Book scheduled for release in 2016

As you’ve most likely noticed, my posts have been infrequent for awhile. I enjoy the writing, however, my primary focus has been the completion of the book, “Reshaping the Paradigm of Teaching and Learning: What’s Done Today is Education’s Future”.

This major book, published by Rowman & Littlefield, will detail the element of educational architecture and how we have to start a serious effort to transform our national system of educational practice from teaching systems to learning systems. While I consistently speak, write and teach these principles, the book will provide an organized flow to consider how we can genuinely change what we do.

In the coming weeks, I’ll be sharing short excerpts and sections from the book as we prepare for the release. Though some things within those pages may be difficult to accept, and most certainly will be challenged, my hope is that you find encouragement.

We’ve created some adopted cycles in education since 1985 that are now delaying a true transformation.  So, right from the start, let me just lay out the premise. We can take a closer look at these later. And the book will give a clear flow for all of it.

The basic premise……..

We have an entrenched teaching system that controls our practice.

We agree it has to change.

But, to answer the calls for reform, we keep the teaching system protected while starting a small, experimental lab (academy) as an outlier.

We give the impression that, once we find the experiment that works, we will expand it for all learners.

This has become nothing more than a delay strategy because we have no serious intention of abandoning the traditional teaching system as the adopted educational model but we can’t be accused of not being in favor of reform because of that experiment.

The reality is that the teaching system can be replaced and a learning system, based on blended learning and student empowerment, can become the adopted model in every school, public and private.

We have also shoved a testing system in the middle of the teaching system and 1) it measures nothing that moves us forward effectively, 2) it’s a “tail wagging the dog” that controls and forces a covert implementation of pressured practice for teachers in our classrooms and 3) it hasn’t improved anything.

Mastery based learning is the only effective measure for 21st century learning systems.

We can, and should:

Stop the teaching system

Adopt the learning system full-scale and broadly

 Measure progress in learning

Raise the standard for credit achievement to 90%

Stop the testing system

 Change our training and certification for teachers

Abandon teacher-direct education in our classrooms

Its time to break away from our experiments. It’s time to become architects. We can teach our intelligent teachers how to leverage technology and engage with each learner. And we can do this in every school, every district, every classroom.

As with most of the work I do, there will be points where you may disagree. That’s to be expected. That doesn’t mean we should keep delaying the transformation.

My hope is that we can understand that the systems we’ve developed over the last 30 years have served us well and helped us put a temporary bandaid on our problems. But we can move from reforming our systems to actually transforming everything we do.

We have the pieces available and our learners deserve it, And our teachers deserve the opportunity to be trained and prepared for this transformation. We can do it. And we will. But it’s time to seriously think about how we get there.

Reshaping the Paradigm of Teaching and Learning: What’s Done Today is Education’s Future”. Watch for the release date soon.  And I’ll keep you informed and updated here.